After years of reasonable stability, the Uruguay peso weakened significantly against the dollar in the last week. It’s not great news for your average Uruguayan, but if you have US dollars to spend, then you’re going to find that they are going to go much further than in previous years.

The exchange rate at the time of writing is 42 Uruguayan pesos to the US dollar.

Here is an unscientific list to give you an idea what you are likely to spend while on holiday in Montevideo. Prices in the interior are lower the further north you go. Prices at certain beach resorts will be (significantly) higher during high season.


What eating out costs in Uruguay

Main course 280-750 pesos

Dessert 150-300 pesos

A cup of coffee 60-140 pesos

A glass of wine 120-150 pesos

A pint of craft beer 140-200 pesos

These prices might be taken from a great little lunch-time restaurant like Sin Pretensiones or a wine bar like Montevideo Wine Experience ie places with gourmand intentions at reasonable prices.

Epicureans can delight that top end restaurants like Jacinto and Estrecho have pricing that is pretty similar. I’ve had guests from New York tell me that they would have paid five times the price for similar offerings in their home town.

Budget travellers should note that cheap restaurants are not much cheaper.


get your tax back automatically in uruguay restaurants

The previous Uruguayan government (till 2019) gifted  international credit card holders 22% tax back at restaurants and on car hire AUTOMATICALLY. I know, crazy, right? The prices listed include VAT, so you can discount 22%. Visit the page linked to see if the discount still holds under the new government.


Photos: Guru’Guay

[Article first published: May 1, 2017, last updated at the date above]