Remanso del Diablo

Boutique Hotel

Punta del Diablo, Rocha

Dreaming of hotels on the beach in Uruguay?

Your private terrace at Remanso del Diablo, a nine-room boutique hotel, looks directly out onto the ocean at this magical boutique hotel nestled amongst the sand dunes on Playa La Viuda, one of Uruguay’s most secluded beaches. It’s one of the most amazing Uruguay hotels on the beach.

The beach and sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see.  At night the beam from the Viuda lighthouse scans the seas. Each room has its own balcony and ocean view and the dining area and deck face the water. Be ready for a vibe that is romantic, cozy, restful and inspiring.

The hotel is a 15-minute stroll to the centre of hippie-chic Punta del Diablo with its charming restaurants, beaches, craft & seafood empanada market and artisanal fishermen’s row. Manager Kate speaks perfect English and she and the rest of the staff will help you navigate your way through town and the general area. There’s lots to do–or not.

Owner Markie is from New York. She and her partner had never been to South America but they knew Uruguay was progressive and gay-friendly. They traveled the coast and their last stop was this hotel (then well-known locally as Pdd’s top hotel, La Viuda del Diablo). They started to dream and thought, what if we could buy the hotel? Beware of what you wish for at the Remanso, Markie warns.

What you should know

  • Some rooms have an indoor jacuzzi
  • The hotel is taking the current COVID situation very seriously. The reception and lovely dining area overlooking the water are closed. Breakfast is served in your room (no hardship!)
  • Punta del Diablo has an unpolished rustic vibe. A gem in the rough. The hotel is being upgraded and things happen slowly in this part of the world. Markie is eager to hear your feedback and suggestions through Kate.

What’s close by

  • Beaches Four beaches comprising six miles of coastline utterly deserted most of the year 
  • Santa Teresa National Park 2,000 acres of forest and gardens, a colonial fort and some of Uruguay’s most spectacular beaches 10 mins by car
  • Beach hike to Santa Teresa A spectacular walk along some of the most beautiful beaches in Uruguay 2-2.5 hours one way 
  • Cabo Polonio National Park One of Uruguay’s most incredible beauty and wildlife spots 50 mins by car
  • Pueblo Garzon Tiny art town, home to the world-famous winery & Francis Mallmann’s restaurant 1hr 40 mins (Markie suggests it on the way to the airport. “Splits the trip in half and you don’t have to eat for 24 hours after a Garzon lunch!”)
  • Jose Ignacio Exclusive beach town, home to the famous La Huella restaurant 1hr 45 min
uruguay hotels on the beach
uruguay hotels on the beach


From 100 USD off season. Check the Remanso del Diablo website for current rates (if you book directly on the website you get a discount)



Call +598 4477 2514 or Whats App +598 91 33 22 00 (Kate)

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