Fine-dining fusion food & bold sauces


When Mick Jagger visited, he dined at Tandory, considered one of the long-time best restaurants in Montevideo. When you’re sooo over steak, this is your place

Tandory features fine dining fusion food. While fusion has long been a popular concept elsewhere, it’s not so common in Uruguay where parrilla and pastas reign king. Yet chef Gabriel Coquel, who trained in France and has traveled extensively, has brought tastes from around the world to Montevideo. The seasonally rotating menu has influences from France, Spain, Turkey, East coast USA, Bahamas, Peru, Mexico, Chile and Italy.

Sauces are a big strength at Tandory. Every dish comes packed with flavor, with a focus on balancing sweet with savory. For an extra kick, you can ask for the chef’s excellent house-made hot sauce.

While the restaurant has a neighborhood vibe and the chef is often present in the dining room to check on guests, it’s upscale too, making it a good choice for special occasions. The presentation of the food is artful and the waiters give professional, attentive service (not so common in Uruguay!).

Oh, and if you’re curious about Mick Jagger’s visit to Montevideo….

What you should know

Over half the dishes are gluten free. There are many seafood and chicken options in addition to red meat. We loved the ‘pescado koskera’, a Basque fish & seafood dish with an aromatic creamy sauce.

Fine-dining it is, but the portion sizes are hearty.

The menu is in Spanish, English and Portuguese on tablets with beautiful pictures–making choosing easier (or harder!)–and the waiters all speak some English and Portuguese, some fluently.

Don’t expect an Indian restaurant, it’s not. That’s why it’s called Tandory, and not tandoori. Ahem.

Reservations are essential to guarantee a table unlike most restaurants in Montevideo. You can book at the link below. 

Closed Sundays except for Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day. 


Around 35 USD per person including wine


Libertad 2851, Pocitos, Montevideo

Hit the ‘book’ button to reserve right now 

Visit their website and join Tandory on Facebook and Instagram

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