VIP Day with Guru’Guay



A day-long private consultation with Karen A Higgs, — an internationally-recognised expert on Uruguay
— regarding your unique situation and needs.

This is for you when you:

  • want insights regarding your specific circumstances
  • want to save time and money
  • need on-the-ground advice
  • could use some great local contacts
  • are considering Uruguay full or part-time.

Prior to the meeting, you will complete a questionnaire regarding yourself, your expectations and your

How does the consultation work?

This one-day 6-hour session is ideal for a private in-depth question and answer session about
life and living in Uruguay. It works very well online or face-to-face. Online we’ll meet on the
video platform of your choice (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime). You’ll be amazed how time flies.

On site a full day is ideal if you are considering small towns outside of the capital or want to
really get inside which neighbourhood of Montevideo is best suited to you. Usually it’s fairly
obvious which neighbourhoods are best after an initial chat, but sometimes one wants to really
see what else is out there and could be surprised. We’ll do this by car and includes lunch.
(Pandemic modifications: Usually we travel by public transport or ride service, but due to Covid
we’ll drive. Please be ready to wear a mask. We’ll keep the windows open as we travel. Expect
updates as vaccinations roll out!)

Prior to the meeting, you will complete a questionnaire (we recommend over a good glass of
South American red) regarding yourself, your expectations and your lifestyle. Your answers will
guide our conversation. This consultation can take place on weekdays or weekends.

“We had the full-day in situ consultation, and it was invaluable. After interviewing us very
thoughtfully about what sort of place we might like to live, Karen gave us an extensive and
detailed tour of various neighborhoods she thought might suit us. She is incredibly
knowledgable about what each part of town offers in terms of available housing and local
resources (restaurants, bars, music venues, grocery stores). This is very important in
Montevideo. Many wonderful places hide behind rather plain facades. Karen steered us toward
cultural events we never would have found on our own.”
– Nick and Tim had a VIP Day

It’s all about contacts

Like most places in the world and especially in Uruguay, the best experiences and services come by word
of mouth. After so many years in Uruguay and thanks to her ground-breaking work in bringing Uruguay
to an international audience, Karen has a priceless Rolodex of contacts (in a broad range of fields) she
will be delighted to share with you.

Why consult about moving to Uruguay?

No place is perfect. Uruguay is not a good fit for everyone. What is an advantage or pitfall for one person
is the opposite for another person. You’ll receive first-hand, realistic insights tailored to your specific

Why consult with Karen Higgs?

Karen A Higgs is the creator of Guru’Guay, the most popular English-language website on Uruguay. She is the author of the Guru’Guay guidebooks to Uruguay and Montevideo–recognised by the Uruguay Ministry of Tourism and the Government of Montevideo as an essential reference for both travellers and expats. Karen is frequently invited to talk about Uruguay as a travel and lifestyle destination by international media—including the New York Times, the BBC and National Geographic, and on travel podcasts. The Uruguayan public has also fallen in love with Guru’Guay and Karen appears regularly in the national press.

Karen has lived in Uruguay since 2000 and has the knowledge and contacts you need. Karen is British and studied in the UK and the US. She has also lived in the US, Costa Rica, Argentina and Spain. These comparisons may be helpful to you.

Are you looking for a different type of support?

Just write us. We’ll be delighted to suggest a solution.


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