Travel Planning – for Uruguay expats

Stuck for the duration? Let Guru’Guay be your Uruguay Planning Partner

Maybe you’re supposed to be somewhere else totally different right now. Maybe it’s your first winter in Uruguay. Maybe you got trapped here when the borders closed. We can help you ensure these winter months in Uruguay are as memorable as the finest Tannat

What is Guru’Guay’s Uruguay Travel Planning?
What’s included?
Is Uruguay Travel Planning right for you?
Our promise to you

Step 1 Travel like a local 
Here at Guru’Guay we’re often delighted when Uruguayans tell us that they had no idea about the places we’ve found, or they would never have thought of recommending a particular place or activity which as outsiders we think is remarkable. Now’s your chance to pick the brain of Uruguay’s foremost English-language travel exponent–the Guru’Guay herself–for almost a full hour.

Step 2 Plan your itinerary
Immersive. Intimate. Meeting the locals. When we’re done you’ll have an itinerary outline you’ll love–and which is realistic (eg driving the interior can be much more time consuming than Google Maps says it is).

Step 3 Lots of spots have been affected by the pandemic
We’ll use my vast network of contacts to find out as much in advance as possible (we are in Uruguay after all, so there has to be some flexibility 😉 ) so that you can be confident your trip is going to be a blast.

what’s included in Guru’Guay Uruguay Travel Planning

  • A 50-minute online travel planning consultation with the creator of Guru’Guay, designed to answer your questions & help you create your perfect Uruguay itinerary or itineraries
  • A one-page summary of your Uruguay itinerary outline we created


  • The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay for your tablet or phone (you choose)
  • Recording of our coaching session


Regular rate 349 USD 
Special pandemic price 199 USD


Is Guru’Guay Uruguay Travel Coaching right for you?


Who is this for

  • You’re building your own itinerary and you’re having trouble pulling it together (especially where to go and how many nights to stay in each place).
  • You want someone to learn more of what Uruguay has to offer
  • You want to do a few trips throughout the winter and want to bounce around a few different travel plans.
  • You are looking for some hidden gems and tips to make things extra special.
  • You have a unique travel situation (multi-generational trip, young children, food allergies) or something that you are finding to be particularly challenging to navigate on your own.


Who is this not for

  • You’re not willing to hear feedback about your current plans. ​
  • You want me to make reservations for you. Sorry, I’m not a travel agent. But I will provide great recommendations for you, and you’ll know in advance if they are currently open. 


Our promise to you

We want you to love Uruguay as much as we do. We are so confident that you will have a better trip when you plan with Guru’Guay that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Itinerary, you will be refunded. No questions asked.



I want to sign up! What happens next?

  1. Email with your name and phone number with the subject line ‘Travel Planning’ and we’ll take it from there.
  2. You’ll get a travel planning preparation questionnaire to guide you through the questions you may want to consider before we meet. We’ll take payment and set up the meeting time.  ​
  3. What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to show you the best, hidden spots in Uruguay.

When will we meet and for how long?

We’ll meet online. Plan for 50 minutes of Uruguay travel planning goodness.

How do I pay?

We take Zelle and Uruguay or US bank transfers.

Can I purchase a custom Uruguay itinerary as a gift?

¡Que divino! Yes, you can and I am sure your loved one will be so surprised (and impressed). Write to with the subject line: Gift card

I have a question not answered here. What do I do?

Feel free to email me at for additional questions about your Uruguay Travel Planning. We’ll be happy to help!

How do I book?

Email with your name and phone number with the subject line ‘Travel Planning’ and we’ll take it from there.

Why are you offering this now? 

This is actually a premium Guru’Guay service for travelers costing 349 USD. We know how it can really make a difference to your experience locally, so we thought, hey, let’s offer it at a special reduced rate of 199 USD (plus VAT) as a gift to Uruguay-based expats during this difficult time for all of us. We know you’ll love it 🙂