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Looking at Uruguay real estate? Living in Montevideo or the interior? Personal recommendations are essential to getting good service in Uruguay. Think of Guru’Guay as a friend sharing her favourite contacts. We only recommend people and companies we know personally and professionally and have vetted.

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Most realtors in Uruguay have a dual interest – representing the buyer AND the seller. Team Haverkate, based 20 years in the US, only represents buyers.

ALL of Team Haverkate’s clients rave about their professionalism, unflappability and great communication.

What You Must Know about living in Uruguay

How healthcare works in Uruguay

How healthcare works in Uruguay

The cost of living in Uruguay is not low but healthcare is good and affordable. Find out how the Uruguay healthcare system works and how to be eligible.

Thinking of moving to Uruguay?

Thinking of moving to Uruguay?

Over the last decade a growing number of Europeans and North Americans have been moving to Uruguay, a stable country with progressive laws. Find out more.

5 reasons to put Uruguay on your bucket list

See for yourself why everyone loves living in Uruguay

Uruguay, nestling between Brazil and Argentina is off-the-radar to Europeans and North Americans. But Brazilians and Argentines have been flocking there for years.