Mercado Ferrando

Gourmet & street food market


This ground-breaking Art-deco era warehouse is the best market in Montevideo for gourmet and street food. One for your things to do list in Montevideo 

Bearing the same name and facade as the furniture manufacturer that preceded it, Mercado Ferrando at first glance blends in with the Cordón neighborhood’s other early 20th-century buildings. Inside it has been transformed into one of the most modern, inviting spaces in Montevideo. With a warehouse-style arched roof and tall windows, the market houses two floors of long communal tables and an open-air patio. When the market opened in November 2017 the gastronomy focus, instantly set it apart from existing Montevideo markets. So while it’s spawned copycats, Ferrando is The Original.

Most of the sellers are projects that were designed specifically for the market, giving local chefs and retailers the opportunity to try something new. For example, the build-your-own poke bowls, a Hawaiian staple that consists of diced raw fish over veggies and rice, were a first nationally.

Uruguayan classics are in play as well, and that is part of the market’s appeal. Along with long opening hours—17 hours every day except Sunday when they close at 4:00 p.m.—there’s an experience for everyone, attracting tourists, hipsters, retirees and families alike.

Some of our favourite Mercado Ferrando adventures

Between 8am and 6pm on weekdays the market is relatively quiet. Bring your laptop and enjoy free wifi with an artfully prepared cappuccino and feel like you have the place to yourself.

Indulge in a Latin American merienda (teatime) with monster-sized, dulce de leche-stuffed churros, or pastries from the artisan bakery, such as a croissant, Martín Fierro-style (that’s cheese with preserved quince paste).

Try Uruguayan wines you won’t see at the supermarket, at retail prices. At the wine bar you can order by the glass but the trick is to order a bottle—there’s no corkage and they will provide you with good quality stemware to use. 

A traditional Uruguayan parrilla (barbeque) offers premium quality aged beef and typical Uruguayan cuts.

The locally-brewed craft beer with pizza and burgers is not just for full bearded Montevideo hipsters. The thin-crust, Italian-style pizza features the usual Uruguayan toppings such as ham and tomato, in addition to gourmet toppings like pesto and brie cheese. 

Craving hard-to-find flavors from abroad? Go breathe in the aroma of harissa or cardamon pods at the spice seller. They also sell a line of artisan nut butters and tahini. Ask how to receive alerts when they release batches of their own house-made sriracha sauce.

What You Should Know

Onsite parking Street parking in Cordón is reasonably easy to find, however Mercado Ferrando offers its own parking lot around the corner on Joaquín de Salterain.

Friday and Saturdays nights after 9pm are very lively While a couple or small group can likely maverick a place to sit, a larger group may have a harder time finding enough space. Weekday nights are busy but with a mellow volume level.

Self-service If you’re tired of all the waiting for the waiter, Ferrando is YOUR place.

The market is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator.


Burger with fries 340 pesos
Poke bowls 290-400 pesos depending on size
A pintxo at the tapas bar 90 pesos
Wine and beer 130-160 pesos per glass, bottles of wine start at 190 pesos

Mercado Ferrando
Chaná 2120, Cordón, Montevideo
OPEN Mon-Sat 8AM-1AM, Sun 9AM-4PM

Visit the Mercado Ferrando website and find them on Facebook and Instagram

Photos: Courtesy of Mercado Ferrando