Update: September, 24 2020

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Update: August 4 2020

International flight travel to and from Uruguay

TO THE USA: Amaszonas Airlines has informed the US Embassy that they will offer limited flights from Uruguay’s international airport to Sao Paulo in Brazil. For the moment, Sao Paulo has connecting flights on United Airlines to Houston and LATAM to Miami.

TO EUROPE: Iberia has flights scheduled to Madrid every Monday and Wednesday in August. Air Europa has flights scheduled every Tuesday and Saturday in August. Amaszonas has flights scheduled to fly to Sao Paulo from Montevideo. From Sao Paulo there are flights to Europe with Lufthansa, KLM, TAP, Air France and occasional LATAM flights. (Source: UK government)

WITHIN LATIN AMERICA: Buquebus has a special frequency of ferries from Montevideo to Buenos Aires for Uruguayans or residents. (Source: El Observador)

Amaszonas continues weekly flights to Sao Paulo (it is unconfirmed until when). The airline estimates they will start having flights to Paraguay in August and to Argentina in September. 

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Update: June 29 2020

As the number of active Covid 19 cases in Uruguay fell to low double digits–including two and three days in a row with zero new cases–there’s news about resuming international flight travel to and from Uruguay.

The Ministry of Tourism is evaluating “various possibilities” but given the current regional situation they are not considering a general opening-up but rather one which includes “point to point” air travel.

These are routes “between countries that offer similar guarantees to Uruguay”, according to the second in command at the Ministry of Tourism, Remo Monzeglio. Apparently this means countries including Germany, Austria, Australia and New Zealand, the UK and France.

Potentially five airlines to be flying to Uruguay from July 

Monzeglio told Uruguay’s El Pais newspaper that four airlines have demonstrated their interest in returning to fly to Uruguay from July. 

The airlines are Iberia, Air Europa, COPA and Latam.

Concretely these companies have outlined their interest in offering from July, include

  • Europe – twice-weekly flights to Spain with Iberia and Air Europa
  • USA and Central America – four weekly flights with COPA via Panama and routes via Sao Paolo in Brazil and Santiago in Chile with Latam although Latam has not specified how many flights it is interested in making.

Amazonas, the only airline to have continued periodic flights during these months–primarily for humanitarian reasons–between Montevideo and Sao Paolo wants to continue flying between Montevideo and the capital of Paraguay.

confirmed airlines flying to Uruguay

Update Jun 28: Iberia has ‘pre-authorization’ to fly to and from Uruguay from July 5. The flight schedule will depend on the volume of passengers according to the chancellor. 

The decision-makers: So if the airlines are ready to fly, when will international flights begin? 

The honorary scientific team is a group of scientists convened by the government’s Office of Planning and Budget. They have been crucial in making recommendations guiding Uruguay’s pandemic response and have received overwhelming public approval. They are the ones who will have the final say, according to the Ministry of Tourism. 

A key question in the decision to open the airports will be the design and approval of a protocol for arriving passengers. This is being worked on currently. Uruguay’s international Carrasco Airport will present their proposals to the scientific team in the next few days. 

Visitors will be asked to download Uruguay’s Coronavirus App onto their phones–one per family group. Passports will be scanned and the place of origin and residence registered, to keep track of passengers who arrive from places where contamination levels are still high.


Here at Guru’Guay our intention is not to provide daily updates of infection rates. Instead we want to provide essential information you should know about the conditions living here, and some occasional good news. We have to keep our chins up. There’s a really friendly helpful community in our Facebook group Discover Uruguay where we are posting more regular updates and people are offering to help each other out. Eg, don’t have good enough Spanish if you need to call for medical assistance – there’s a Spanish-speaking volunteer who has volunteered to help you in Discover Uruguay. #JustLoveThem.  


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[This information contains information taken from El Pais. Guru’Guay is not responsible for its accuracy. We are also referencing official information is on the Ministry of Health website and the website of the Uruguayan President (in Spanish). We will continue to update this article so keep it bookmarked. First published June 16 2020]


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