Uruguay has a population of just three million. During the summer the number doubles. The vast majority of visitors are from Argentina—many who have holiday homes here. Followed by Brazilians who love the safety a holiday in Uruguay offers.

This not a recent phenomenon. Uruguayan beaches have been hugely popular tourist destinations for over a century especially with Argentinians. The Hotel Argentino in Piriapolis was the largest and most glamorous resort in the whole of South America when it was built in the 1920s.

North Americans and Europeans make up just one in ten visitors and you’re in the vanguard. So where are the best beaches in Uruguay? Where should you go for your beach holiday?

Best Uruguay beaches

The beaches of Rocha

The wildest beaches are in the department of Rocha (say ROH-cha) on the Atlantic coast closest to Brazil. These beaches were isolated and frequented solely by locals until a trickle of intrepid Argentinian backpackers started arriving in the 90s. In the last few years Punta del Diablo and La Pedrera have become party towns for younger Argentinians and Brazilians around New Year but there’s almost perfect solitude the rest of the year. The vibe at most Rochense beaches is Uruguayan hippie.

Mansa beach in Punta del Este on a sunny day

The beaches of Maldonado

The most well-established beaches with the best infrastructure are in the department of Maldonado. Punta del Este is probably the most famous beach resort in South America after Rio de Janeiro, full of highrises and a frenetic summer scene. La Barra is hipper with surfing competitions and art galleries. Jose Ignacio, a tiny semi-rural peninsula with 28 permanent residents, has become the vacation choice of an international jet-set—think Mark Zuckerberg. If Punta is glitzy and La Barra hippie-chic, Jose Ignacio inclines to the haute-hippie.

Best beaches in Uruguay

The beaches of the Costa de Oro

Beaches on the Costa de Oro or Gold Coast in the department of Canelones have a kind of nostalgic fifties summer air to them. Sleepy towns and simple pleasures. Middle-class Uruguayan families own holiday homes here passed from generation to generation. A vacation in these towns feel like you have been transported back to the kind of holidays you might have had when you were a kid.

You’ll find much more information on each of Uruguay’s beach regions (and essential insider tips) in The Guru’Guay Guide to Uruguay: Beaches, Ranches and Wine Country, as well as the scoop on beaches in Montevideo, historic Colonia del Sacramento and Carmelo, wine countryThe Guru’Guay website has a ton of information but the guidebooks have even more. 

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Photos: Gabriel Millos, ASCOM, Casas en el Este

[Article created Aug 22, 2018 and last updated at the date above]

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