Find out the average salary in Uruguay

As prices in general are pretty expensive in Uruguay, I often get asked this. Let me share with you numbers from the National Statistics Institute from July 2020.

The figures look at the average income of a 2 adult, 2 child household and per person. You will see that salaries are higher in the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, compared to the rest of the country. Half of the nation’s population resides in the capital. 



Rest of Uruguay

Average household income

78,388 pesos
1,848 USD*

53,501 pesos
1,262 USD

Average per capita income

24,949 pesos
588 USD

17,139 pesos
404 USD

Over the last ten years a growing number of Europeans and North Americans have been moving to Uruguay. It’s partly down global factors and the progressive nature and long time stability of Uruguay’s laws and economy. The latter is an open secret in South America with Uruguay regarded as a safe haven for investors particularly those from Argentina for decades.

Now with Uruguay’s recent excellent response to the coronavirus epidemic, more and more people are considering Uruguay as a secure, desirable place to live.

But as you can see from the average salary in Uruguay, it’s not an easy place to make a living. One of the first questions that I ask my clients who contact me to help them figure out if Uruguay is a good fit for themselves and their families is how they are planning to support themselves.

The Numbeo website has figures that look in detail at the cost of living in Uruguay. I can testify that they look pretty accurate.


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*We used to convert from Uruguayan pesos to US dollars.

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