What’s on tonight in Montevideo?

Did you know that in Uruguay

  • you can see world-class musicians right up close in a tiny bar for under ten dollars
  • percussion is really big?
  • the tango scene is frequented mainly by locals?
  • contemporary dance is really popular?

To find out what’s on today, check out the Guru’s recommendations for what’s on in Montevideo.

I generally select venues when possible that are off the tourist track and post recommendations for the evening around midday.

During carnival (February-early March) my recommendations are really essential as some carnival shows are amazing, whilst others are toe-curlingly kitsch. There are only so many “parodistas” that one can take.

Are you doing this out of the goodness of your Good Guru Heart?

Actually, no :).  I started doing this for the benefit of the lovely people who stay at my guesthouse, often in response to their interests. However I am also a working musician (you can listen to one of my bands here) and as music is so amazing here in Uruguay, I really do want to make sure you’ll get to fall in love with it too while you are here.

If you read Spanish, the Cartelera city guide is the most complete in my experience. 

Photo courtesy Alexander Zabara

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