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Estancia Los Platanos

Los Platanos – an authentic estancia run by 6th generation

Estancia Los Platanos lies in a remote spot of the rolling sierras of central Uruguay on the border between the rural provinces …

Estancia El Ceibo - Uruguay

Estancia El Ceibo – deepest Uruguay with minimal travel

El Ceibo is a typical, South American sheep and cattle ranch set in farmland amid the gently rolling plains of Uruguay. The ranch …

Whales in Punta del Este by Remco Douma

The WHALES are back in Uruguay!

The first sighting of the southern right whales in Uruguay this year was June 11 2016 off the coast of La Paloma …

Whales in Punta del Este by Remco Douma

Whale-watching in eastern Uruguay

You don’t need to hire a boat or go on an expensive trip to watch whales in Uruguay. Between June and November …

Tiqui-Tiqui de Bañado

Uruguay’s rivers – video, 3 years in making, captures peace

This amateur video made of footage taken over three years around two rivers – the Cuareim and the Yaguarón – in North and …