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Alien Robot Attack on Montevideo by Fede Alvarez

Hollywood blockbuster directed by Uruguay’s Fede Alvarez

Uruguayan film director Fede Alvarez shot to Hollywood fame this month when his new horror film Don’t Breathe became the US’s biggest grossing …

Clever - great Uruguayan cinema

Best Uruguayan films – Clever #NotForTheMediocre

“Clever”, a new Uruguayan film, came out this week and is getting rippingly good reviews. Still bitter from his recent divorce, martial …

Best Uruguayan films - Anina

5 Uruguayan films you must see

Uruguayan films typically tend to be slow burners. The action —what little there is of it— unfolds slowly. The lives depicted are …

This wonderful photo by Juan Pablo Colasso is called "Home cinema" and was taken at a beach in the east of Uruguay

Saving your sanity on a rainy day in Montevideo. Go to the movies

One of the best thing about being an English speaker in Uruguay is that the films shown in cinemas aren’t dubbed. Maybe …