Where to watch the sunset in Montevideo – and get great fish and chips too

7pm on a summer’s evening. The sun will be going down in under an hour. Where’s the best spot to kick back and watch the sun go down over the city skyline? It’s time for deep-fried fish and ice-cold beer at El Morrito in Playa Ramirez.

El Morrito has a couple of tiny shacks selling sea food and drinks, overlooking the water to the left of the beach when you face the River Plate.

Postas & ChipsWe recommend you ignore everything else and order the postas – fillets of fresh white fish caught earlier that day, dipped in batter and deep-fried until they are wonderfully crispy and deliciously hot inside.

The staff will try to sell you their Seafood Symphony. Don’t go there. It is expensive, huge, and looks greasy. We have never seen people eat more than half of one.

Postas are one of the cheapest items on the menu (70 pesos, apx 3 USD).

Why aren’t I recommending the miniaturas? Miniaturas consist of fish cooked in the same way as postas and are ubiquitous to most Uruguayan menus*. The difference is that as the name suggests, miniaturas are bite-size pieces of fish.

However in El Morrito, I’ve noticed that the miniaturas are sometimes prepared in advance and reheated. Always go with the posta, it’s going to have less batter and you assure yourself a really fresh portion of fish.

Another thing to compliment: The beers are served in frosted beer mugs straight from the freezer. A great touch which doesn’t happen often here.

Something to improve in the future: Chips made with real potatoes would be a great addition. And the prices of the side dishes and soft drinks are absurd given the humble nature of the restaurant. Check the menu prices before you order.


El Morrito is a great place to stop off before going to the Teatro de Verano to watch a show and is also just seconds walk from the Parque Rodó.



* Miniaturas are often the sole fish-based starter included on restaurant menus thanks to Uruguay’s meat-oriented cuisine.

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El Morrito, Rambla Wilson, Playa Ramirez, Parque Rodó, Montevideo is open in the summer from midday until after dark. El Morrito on Facebook


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