Montevideo Carnival 2016 dates

Carnival in Uruguay is uniquely different to anywhere else in the world. And it’s still a primarily local event. Check out the dates for Carnival in Montevideo 2016.

January 21   Desfile inaugural, the Inaugural Carnival Parade (down 18 de Julio Avenue) from 8.30pm

January 25   Tablados start across the city for the next 40 nights. Tablados are nightly shows featuring anything between 4 and 7 of carnival groups.

February 4 and 5   Las Llamadas, the amazing Llamadas Parade (down Isla de Flores street between Barrio Sur and Palermo)

The dates of carnival change each year, but what is guaranteed in Montevideo is that from the first day it’s going to go on for FORTY nights – longer if it rains.

Tickets are on sale in any “Abitab” store in Uruguay until the day before. It is not possible to buy tickets online.

Murga La Mojigata 2012 in a Montevideo tablado
A murga performing at a tablado. Murga is probably the carnival genre most appreciated by the locals. You may not understand the lyrics or the social satire, but the music and costumes will thrill you.
Montevideo lives and breathes authentic music and culture any night of the week Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius
One of almost hundred drum comparsas parading during Las Llamadas, a parade started by enslaved Africans. They chose Isla de Flores, a narrow street so that the sound of the drums reverberates and builds to a huge crescendo.


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Photos: Jimmy Baikovicius and Guru’GUAY

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