Getting around on local transport

Interactive city maps, taxis that arrive in three minutes, free wifi… getting around Uruguay and Montevideo on local transport is relatively easy – even for non-Spanish speakers – and often unexpectedly sophisticated.

Getting from the airport to Montevideo or elsewhere

Montevideo’s Carrasco International Airport is 15 miles (apx 25 km) from the centre of Montevideo, a 30-40 minute cab ride into town, depending on where you are staying. Traffic is very rarely a problem, but calculate a few minutes more around rush-hour or at the start of a long weekend. Check out your options for getting into Montevideo city centre from the airport and vice versa.

Planning your long-distance bus tripGetting around Uruguay made easy

Uruguay has good long-distance bus services which generally converge on the the capital, Montevideo. You’ll feel confident to take the bus all over Uruguay even if you don’t know Spanish after you read this article.

Finding your way around Montevideo

This interactive map loads really fast. Use it to travel by bus or on foot and get around Montevideo like a local. … and not like a tourist.

Catching buses and taxis in Montevideo

Everyone uses buses in Uruguay. A ticket costs just under a dollar and services are frequent. Taxis are reasonably priced and safe to flag down in the street. But don’t feel you have to tip the driver!

How to call a taxi when you don’t speak Spanish

Montevideo has an automated service which will get a taxi to you in just THREE minutes and you don’t even have to speak with anyone. Sometimes Montevideo is just so DARN civilized.

Here as well as looking at how to use the service, I cover taxi fares, how the taxi metre system works (NOT what you might expect!) and times when it’s impossible to get a cab for love or money.

Great little car rental company in Uruguay

I get asked all the time about reliable car hire in Uruguay and I am going to give an unashamed shout-out to a local car hire company, Mariño Sport, which has offices in Montevideo, Colonia, Punta del Este and La Barra.

Even the buses have free wifi!

Find out more about Uruguay’s ubiquitous internet and wifi connections – it’s never hard to get a free signal. Just another sign of what a civilized nation Uruguay is. 🙂

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