How much does the ferry cost from Buenos Aires to Montevideo?

Ferries in Colonia, Uruguay by Liam Quinn

Most people choosing to travel by ferry from Buenos Aires to get to Uruguay.

There are a number of different ways to travel between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, and if you haven’t already, do read my article looking at the options and  considering the pros and cons of each.

Below you will find prices for one-way travel Buenos Aires-Montevideo:

Montevideo-Buenos Aires ferry prices

Montevideo to Buenos Aires ferry pricesMy article looking at the different Buenos Aires-Montevideo travel options has links to the ferry company websites.

Notes: I used a one-way rate because there is a very limited saving in general when buying a return (two-way) ticket. The saving appears to be less than 10 USD in most cases.

The prices were in Argentine pesos. I converted them into US dollars using and rounded them up or down to the nearest dollar.

Prices include taxes.

The Colonia Express site says that their journey is shorter than Buquebus’. As a long time user, I have corrected their estimation to a more accurate 5 hours.

It’s important that you visit the travel company websites for the exact prices of tickets. Guru’Guay offers this information as a guide and canaccept no responsibility for prices or changes.

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[This article was first written August 9 2016 however as lots of people read it, I keep it up regularly dated. For date last updated see top]

Photos courtesy of Liam Quinn and Vince Alongi (Flickr)

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