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Jaime Roos in Salto

5 albums from Uruguay you MUST listen to

The Uruguay music scene has a mixture of rock, pop, tango, folklore, candombe, milonga, carnival sounds. Prepare to be surprised by the …

Murga La Mojigata 2012 in a Montevideo tablado

What’s worth checking out in Carnival

You are in luck because Uruguay has the world’s longest carnival –or carnaval as it is called in Spanish. So if you …

Ana Prada

Ana Prada – the face of modern Uruguayan folk music

You may not have heard of Ana Prada but she’s all over the radio here in Uruguay, in Argentina and Spain. She’s …


Uruguay is the best countreeee — National joke becomes national hit

Two classical musicians from Russia and the UK wrote an absurdist song singing the praises of this remote Latin American country, it …