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Uruguay tops 2015 Americas Quarterly Social Inclusion Index

Uruguay tops the Americas Social Inclusion Index—again

For the third year running, Uruguay ranks at the top of the fourth annual 2015 Americas Quarterly Social Inclusion Index. The USA …

Sinergia Thumbnail from Startup Diaries

Sinergia – coworking space in Montevideo

So you’re in Montevideo for a few days and need a place where you can work comfortably with access to internet, a …

Uruguay pesos

What is the average income in Uruguay?

As prices in general are pretty expensive in Uruguay, I often get asked this. Today the National Statistics Institute published their monthly …

10 pesos for a pee

Exchanging money in Uruguay – it couldn’t be simpler

Exchanging cash is cheap and easy. You can change money in an exchange bureau (cambio) or a bank. You do not need to show …