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Recommended restaurants in Montevideo: Pizza at Sin Pretensiones

What things cost in Uruguay

I often get asked how much things cost in Uruguay. Here is an unscientific list to give you an idea what you …

Withdrawing money from ATMs in Uruguay

Can’t withdraw (enough) cash from ATMs in Uruguay?

ATMs dispense Uruguayan pesos – and US dollars. There are ATMs in the airports, bus stations and at the port in Montevideo. Some …

Fine wine in restaurants is exempt from tax

Use your credit card in Uruguay & get 22% VAT off

When you use a foreign credit or debit card in Uruguay you get the 22% VAT deducted from restaurant bills and car …

10 pesos for a pee

Exchanging money in Uruguay – it couldn’t be simpler

Exchanging cash is cheap and easy. You can change money in an exchange bureau (cambio) or a bank. You do not need to show …